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Testimonials 2013:

40ft Cameroon,Mrs.Nicole Fomo18800 kg used shoes and bags
40ft for Cameroon,Mrs.Nicole Fomo,France 18000 kg
only used shoes
Arrived: 28.11.2012
CameroonLoaded: 21.August.2013
40ft.container for Douala, Cameroon, Mr.Fomo17 010kg used shoes,used bags and belts inside
Sierra LeoneLoaded: 02.August.2013 Content:
Used ShoesMrss.Karen-USA Container 20ft 8011kg shoes-Freetown,Sierra Leone
CameroonLoaded :27.July.2013 Content:Used Shoes,Used Sheets,Used Towels,Used bags+BeltsMr Fomo-Douala-Cameroon 40ft:-15 886kg. used shoes-1 114kg bags ,belts-1 385kg towels- 367kg sheets
Total loaded container full : 18752 kg
TogoLoaded :24.May.2013
Lome Togo-Mrs Okoro Used shoes 40 ft container Shoes : 16 356kgBags   : 1 119 kgTotal loaded container full : 17 475 kg Departured 29.05.2012 from Port Valencia

Activity Discharge Full Date2012-06-02 19:40 Location Algeciras - ML Terminal, Algeciras,EM SPETSES Voyage number 1219 Activity Load Full Date 2012-06-07 03:52
Location Algeciras - ML Terminal,Algeciras,Spain
Vessel NIKOLAS Voyage number 1213
Discharge Full Date 2012-06-17 18:00 Location Lome Terminal, Lome,TogoVesse lNIKOLAS Voyage number 1213 Activity Gate Out Delivery Date 2012-06-19 18:40 Location Lome Terminal,
40 ft HC: Tr.Mix B Grade 30 bundles Tropical Mix B grade 12981kg+ 236 bags 6624kg Shoes B Grade.
Loaded Total: 19 605kg. Exported to: Mr.John S.-Tema/Ghana
Loading date: 24.02.2012 Ship: Al Sabahia-BL Voyage  Nš 1205/W
PakistanLoading date:09.March .2013,40 ft.container-22000kg / Karachi/Mr.Shamil S.Container Seal: UASC 072227ORDER CONTENT :-Mixed Rumage Winter 14 bundles 4800kg -HHR  14bundles 4800kg -Mixed Quilts, Pillow, Blanket 14bundles 4800kg-Mixed White Cotton Uncut 3 bundles 1200kg -Track suit, Jogging multicolor 14 bundles 4800 -Towel uncut 4 bundles 1600kg



Our Store Provides quality used shoes on concurrent prices.We recycle,accumulate and export used shoes to the client destination,doing all necessary documentation.
The capacity of the store is about 55 000 kg Used Shoes/Monthly and we do the shipping from port Valencia.

During the loading we check always the quality and the quantity of the used  shoes and our clients get what they have paid.

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We arrange all necessary documents for the customs and for release the container to discharge port.
Our clients can chose to ship the container using our shipping services or using own shipping agency.
Working always with the same shipping agent guarantee us reliable service on atractive price.

Loading Sierra Leone 
Loading of Shoes,bags and belts

In addition to the used shoes under client request is possible to load also used bags and belts.

Copyright (c)2010-2013 www.Used-Shoes.net

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